Astronomy Facts

There must be heaps of astronomy facts right? Realize that the universe contains one times ten to the 22nd celebrities, that’s a one followed by a string of 22 zeros. Think about this, there are planets orbiting lots of those celebrities. Then consider all the moons that orbit the planets, the comets and asteroids, the galaxies these celebrities form, the nebulae and black holes and everything else out there. That’s heaps of data and facts and figures. This short debate won’t cover everything. But it will be heaps of fun.

How about the brightest celebrities as seen from Earth? Those are good astronomy facts. The son, about 250,000 times closer than the next superstar, isn’t counted here. It’s so bright as seen from Earth that it washes out all the other celebrities in the sky all through a phenomenon called “daylight.” check that in the scale for the magnitudes given, reduce numbers are brighter. The sun would be about -26.73, while the full moon is -12.6. And now to the top 5.

#5 is Vega, which signifies eagle or vulture in Arabic. As seen from Earth its magnitude is .03. Just for the reason that a superstar looks brighter from Earth does not mean it’s truly brighter. Our sun, for example, looks brighter than any other superstar, despite the fact it’s not one of the brightest in the universe. That’s for the reason that it’s so close by.

#4 goes to Rigel Kentaurus, or foot of the centaur. It’s about 4 light years from Earth with a magnitude of -.01.

At #3, remind this is set in stone as one of the lots astronomy facts we have, is Arcturus. In Greek that signifies guardian of the bear. This superstar is 37 light years from us.

Canopus comes in at #2. Named for the pilots of Jason’s vessel in Jason and the Argonauts, this superstar is the brightest of all of these top 5. But it’s 313 light years from Earth so it’s just second on this list as seen from Earth. From earth its magnitude is -.62.

#1 is Sirius, meaning scorching in Greek. It’s also known as the Dog superstar because it’s the brightest superstar in the constellation Canis radical (the huge Dog.). It’s only 9 light years from Earth. That’s second closest of these top 5. But from Earth it has a magnitude of -1.44. That produces it simply the brightest superstar as seen in the night sky.

There are lots more astronomy facts out there. But consider it next time you see the celebrities in the night sky.