Naming Science – The Basics of Astronomy Baby Names

astronomy baby names

Naming Science – The Basics of Astronomy Baby Names

Astronomy baby names are derived from the art of astronomy. It is based on constellations, satellites, and other heavenly bodies that help define the positions of celestial bodies. There are many interesting things to note in relation to this subject. The moon, for instance, is sometimes referred to as a satellite. That, along with the planets Venus and Jupiter and Saturn, gives some interesting ideas about how to come up with interesting names for stars and other celestial objects.

The stars themselves, which are known as celestial bodies, have long names that are fascinating in their own right. For example, Sirius (the brightest of the stars), was named after a king of England. That, plus the fact that it is the only continuously visible star in the northern hemisphere, gives birth to names such as King’s Row, or Bright’s Row. Some of the names for satellites are Chance, Evergreen, Gemini, Foeuse, maiden, Orbell, Regatta, and Swift.

The other aspect of astronomy baby names is the fact that you can find a lot of interesting names that have both historical and contemporary value. As well, if you’re a parent looking to give your child one of these interesting names, there are a number of ways to do so. Many popular stars have gone on to have their children named in their honor. Take for example NASA’s space shuttle program.

Seven astronauts lost their lives on the International Space Station in February 1997. Their names have been listed in the catalogs since the first day they took off. One of those names, incidentally, is Walegal Wightman. His wife, Lori, came up with the name “Walegal” while looking at star charts. Her son’s name is Kalwyn Nicholas.

A popular naming contest is run every year at science centers across the country. It involves children presenting a name idea that has some significance to the subject. The winning names go on to compete in the astronomy competition at the summer’s national meeting. This is a lot of fun for youngsters and can really get their imaginations going. You will see lots of spectacular names being announced at this event.

When you begin to search for names for your baby, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a very unique name. It could be just about any name that fits with your child’s personality, interests, or whatever you would like to name him or her. For example, a beautiful girl named Jasmine is likely to get a lot of votes for the baby girl’s name. The same goes for a boy, whether you prefer Addam, atus, or Damon.

Astronomy is not just about stars and galaxies. While many people are attracted to them, others find it fascinating to study the stars and all of the heavenly bodies that make up the universe. There are actually thousands upon thousands of stars in our galaxy alone. There are also ex-giant stars, those which are so far from the sun that they outshine it and are a good place to start when looking for names.

As you look for ideas, you may also want to take into consideration names that are very common and are symbolic as well. These types of astronomy baby names come from mythology and the bible. Some names represent animals, planets, and people as well. Whatever your favorite subject, you will find lots of names that are related. These can be very special and perfect for your child.