Look – Up in the Sky

When television was youthful, there was a hugely generalized show based on the still generalized fictional character of Superman. The opening of that show had a familiar expression that went, “Look. Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman!” How darling Superman has turned in our culture and the worldwide fascination with extraterrestrials and all things cosmic only puts the stress on that there is a deep curiosity in all humans about nature and astronomy, even if numerous people would not know to call it astronomy.

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences of all time. When archeologists unearth elderly civilizations, even as far back as the cavemen, they invariably find art that shows mans unquenchable fascination with the celebrities. To this day, you can simply get an animated debate at any collecting on the topic of “Is there smart life on other planets?”

Many have attempted to explain mankind’s seeming preoccupation with outer space because of an elderly memory or as part of mankind’s eternal nature. anything the cause, people of every age and every nation share this one deep interest, to know more about the universe that our tiny planet is just a part of.

It’s rather strange for the reason that the actual behavior of a serious student of astronomy is truly not the stuff of high adventure. You will never see a “Raiders of the Lost Arc” or “Jurassic Park” movie generated about an astronomer. Excitement for lovers of this science is to hold on up all night watching the cosmos by means of a potent telescope. But that fact doesn’t seem to discourage the tens of thousands to get into astronomy once a year and the enormous interest worldwide with the celebrities, the planets and the universe.

There might be no other universal human fascination that does so much to make national boundaries and even international animosity seem to evaporate. excluding the Olympic movement, international cooperation to acomplish great strides for human kind in space looks to go forward without interruption even when the nations collaborating in those projects are virtually at war back on the surface of the earth. It is a strange thing to watch as Russian, American and other astronauts work together like brothers on space missions even as their residence nations are busily pointing missiles at one another back at residence. It almost makes you consider that we should put more energy and cash into the space program, not less for the reason that it sounds like a bond that heals tension rather than constructs it.

Why is astronomy so exciting although we have no dinosaurs, moving animals or any real danger to most who are obsessed with the discipline? It may go back to a simple curiosity that all human beings have about their natural habitat and this huge mysterious thing out there called space. perhaps it goes back to that old saying at the starting of famous person Trek that space is “the final frontier”.

But we all share that current sense of excitement every time we take out our telescopes and gaze absolutely at the cosmos above us. We feel we are searching at the notably dawn of time. And in light of the issues with the speed of light which signifies that numerous of the twinkling celebrities out there are truly light from those celebrities that started their journey to us thousands of years ago, we are in actually looking absolutely at the past each time we direct our eyes skyward.

But we don’t have to make a fuss about ever dominating the final frontier and finding our curiosity convinced. There will continually be more to learn and discover in the world of astronomy. And it is probable that mankind’s curiosity about astronomy is just as infinite as well.