Expand Your Horizons Without Borders

astronomy without borders

Expand Your Horizons Without Borders

Astronomy Without Borders is an international organization founded by U.S. born scientist Mike Simmons, in support of promoting astronomy to the developing world. It is dedicated to promoting the entire subject of astronomy as a science education and research initiative. The organization has offices in more than 80 countries across Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It also partners with organizations and universities on the ground to help them promote the subject.

Astronomy Without Borders reaches out to young students, with its mission to take young minds into the field of astronomy. This is accomplished by training students in the use and handling of telescopes. These students then go on to passing qualifying exams to become fully qualified to work with telescopes themselves. Students also learn the subject through hands-on training in workshops, seminars, and one-on-one supervision from experienced professionals. Finally, they are tested on their knowledge through a comprehensive professional examination given by the Astronomy Without Borders Society.

Through this program students get exposure to a new culture with its own culture and society that surrounds astronomy. The students are immersed in the subject matter through hands-on learning and also through having opportunities for guest speakers and specialists from all over the globe to come to their country to share their expertise and knowledge. They are also exposed to the subject matter through supervised fieldwork which helps them gain new perspectives on the subject and gain more confidence to go on to bigger and more challenging assignments. Through their contact with other experts, students will also gain a better understanding of the subject, its history and evolution, and how it fits into the rest of the subject’s areas of interest.

The organization is a part of the European astronomical association ETO (European Union), a part of the European aerospace industry association (ESA). Its main goal is to promote and advance the use of European telescope technology, and the research of the telescope via educational and communication programs, scholarships and collaborations. The program is aimed at students, researchers, and postgraduate scholars in all disciplines related to astronomy. In order to be considered for the program, members must be in good standing with a doctorate degree in astronomy or a similar degree. Candidates should also have a strong interest in research, and a passion for educating others about the telescope technology.

Since the program is for ‘undergraduates only’, only those who are legally permitted to study in the United States can apply. If you are accepted, you will receive financial aid for your studies as well as the opportunity to work while you are enrolled. The Telescope Technology Institute offers the first year program as a fully online program, allowing students to learn and participate at their own pace. The second year program is administered by physically attending schools in the US, Europe and Japan, while the third year and fourth year are mainly hands-on. The succeeding two years are dedicated completely to hands-on training using telescopes and software in astronomy.

This is an excellent option for students wishing to expand their horizons and acquire new skills which they will be able to use for a lifetime of scientific research. The hands-on learning experience provides valuable real-world knowledge that students can apply later in their careers. As a result, more students will have a greater chance of finding employment in a number of different areas related to astronomy. Not only will the students be able to receive their PhD, but they will also develop the necessary skills required to be part of a successful institution and enhance their earning potential.