25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds

25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds | List25
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The universe is one of the most fascinating topics we come across. We are intrigued by the possibilities that space travel brings, including the colonization of other planets and the potential discovery of sentient life like our own across the universe. For generations, looking up at the cosmos has nurtured our imagination and even guided our lives and travel. Though our ancestors were often skilled astronomers and mathematicians, their skills and resources only permitted them to go so far in their discovery of the universe. For this list, we have scoured the latest in space news to bring you some of the most recent and amazing discoveries scientists have made about space.

From a cosmic collision which produced tons of gold to a star which is basically a massive diamond, the space discoveries we have made in the past decade have pushed our understanding to new heights. They also have often invalidated past theories, forcing astronomers to consider alternatives for how we came to exist in the grand universe. From the coldest place in the universe to a comet which produces its own alcohol, put on your space suit as we blast into these 25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds.

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Earth-like planets
Pluto's not lost yet
The gold star collision
Martian tsunamis
The Godzilla of Earth
Gravitational waves
A volcanic moon forms mountains
Saturn's massive new ring
Dying stars produce new life
Oldest star in the universe
True oxygen in space
Cosmic Purgatory
Flags on the moon
The hyperactive galaxy
The coldest spot in the universe
The shrinking icon
Smallest planet
Stars dying prematurely
Where we should be looking for life
The massive diamond star
The real ninth planet
A noisy vacuum
The brightest supernova
An asteroid with rings
The alcoholic comet

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