Telescope Star Finder with Tripod F36050 HD Zoom Monocular Space Astronomical Spotting Scope for Kids and Beginner

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The Merkmak Telescope is a unique way to see a world beyond your daily
surroundings and perhaps explore something new!

Key Features:
Simple setup and a sturdy, adjustable, tabletop tripod.
Focus-free, 10x magnification for frustration-free viewing of celestial objects.
The more feature is that telescope can be put on your desk as a decorations.

The details of telescope:
Advanced optical lens group multi-layer wide coating: high transmittance and the
image is clear and sharp.
Ceiling mirror: 90 ° zenith mirror so that the observation process more convenient,
high optical transmittance of optical lenses, easy to operate.
Focusing handwheel: manual focus, using ergonomic engineering, observation more convenient.
Optical finder scope: The use of high-quality optical lens finder, as a secondary
mirror, the function can not be ignored which can help quickly find the tracking stars.
Aluminum tripod: aluminum alloy, three legs solid support, stylish atmosphere, light
and compact, very easy to install and carry.

Model: F36050M with mirror of the stars finder
The light through diameter: 50mm (2.4 “)
Focal length: 360mm.
Oblique mirror: 90 °
Tripod the highest degree: 34cm
Net weight: about 900 grams
Gross weight: about 1.5 kg

Refractor/ focal length: 360mm, aperture: 50mm can be assembled 18times, 90times
Visual throughout the stars: 10.49 and so on
Theoretical resolution: 2.800 arcseconds, which is equivalent to two objects at a
distance of 1.357 cm at 1000 meters.
Light: 0.139
Box size: 400mm * 220mm * 85mm

Get telescope to your children

  • EQUIPPED WITH TWO EYEPIECES TO WATCH DIFFERENT TARGETS: Different magnifications for different targets, suitable magnification of the eyepiece for viewing allows you to find the target for easier observation. With H20mm eyepiece can completely see the moon surface, with H6mm can be observed crater, Moon Sea
  • 50MM CALIBER MULTI-LAYER OPTICAL COATING: Due to a part of lighting was reflecting when lighting on the lens of surface. However, F40040M lens with multi-layer coating, greatly improving the light transmittance of this wavelength
  • COMPACT E AND ELEGANT, LIGHT AND SIMPLE DESIGNS: F36050M with Finder telescope design streamlined, easy to install, combined height not exceeding 40. Placed as your wishes. Good for the enlightenment of children
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE: The main mirror body made of aluminum alloy metal, lightweight, practical, durable. Tripod is also environmentally friendly lightweight aluminum tripod design, you can stably support the look of glasses
  • APPLICATION OCCASIONS: Bird watching, viewing; environmental monitoring, viewing the sun, the moon, watching the planet; maritime reconnaissance landscape; geographical monitoring

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