Telescope for Kids Nature Exploration Toys Kid Astronomy Science Kit Telescope With Tripod,Finder,Three Magnification Eyepieces,Light/Stable/Cool/Easy to Use by Scharkspark

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ADVANTAGES of this telescope
★ It’s a kids telescope with EASY-SET-UP and EASY-TO-USE features.
★ A kids telescope can get your youngsters started with their new hobby without a large investment, if they are showing interests in STARGAZING and ASTRONOMY.
★ This telescope can give your child or grand child a head start in learning with a GATEWAY TO THE UNIVERS.
★ The telescope’s long focal length and separate viewer allows child to find objects much EASIER.
★ Open up a whole new exciting world to your youngster.
★ Broaden their understanding of the universe.

• Open the tripod.
• Screw the telescope on the tripod.
• Install the finder.
• Insert the eyepiece.
• Point and view.
• Adjust the focal length to control the clarity.

✿ Three different magnification: 20X, 30X, 40X.
✿ Objective diameter: 60mm.
✿ Focus adjuster: focal length 170mm.
✿ Lens cover & Eyepiece cover.
✿ Tripod.
✿ Finder.
✿ Drawtube.

AGE 8+
Tested according to international standards.

⚠ Do not observe the sun directly through the telescope.
⚠ The telescope could be enhanced by changing the magnification.
⚠ The telescope is not able to seize the vision if the star in a far distance.
⚠ The view of scenery is normal applicable.
⚠ Careful use and regular maintenance are necessary.
CHOCKING HAZARD Not for children underTHREE.

  • ❤ Kids telescope with EASY-SET-UP & EASY-TO-USE features.Made of plastic, light weight and easy portable for young kids.
  • ❤ Magnifications: 20X 30X 40X. Focal length: 170mm. Objective diameter: 60mm. This telescope brings kids a more generalized picture of nature.
  • ❤ Tripod: Make the observation more steady. Finder: Make the observation much easier.
  • ❤ This kids telescope is a HEAD START for kids in learning about the nature and the universe.
  • ❤ This telescope for kids is a great gift for the young astronomers with a gateway to the nature and the heaven.

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