Night Light 3D Moon Lamp, True Image of Moon Surface from NASA, 5.9 Inch Lunar Light with Tap Control and Three Colors, Gifts for Expressing Love, Home Decorative and Nursery Room Light, LA HOMIETA

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LA Homieta 3D moon lamp is crafted basing on the TRUE lunar surface from NASA satellite images. There are realistic moon mountains, authentic moon shadows, and vivid craters, just like a real moon in your hands.

Portable Lamp

It is 5.9 inch, the best suitable size in hand. It also uses the advanced battery-save and quick-charge technology.2-hour full charge time can provide 8~20 illuminating hours.  Quicker charge, longer use; it is freely brought out of doors and always belong with you.     

Easy Use

It is simply charged via most power banks or PCs from the micro USB port. Designing without the button, it is operated by gently tap or other vibrations. For each tap, the light changes one color.Yellow, white, and warm white match different atmospheres. The lamp can be placed on the wood bracket, or anywhere you prefer without the wood bracket. It is more than a light, but also an adorable house decoration.

Reliable Quality

100% quality check before ship. The lamp is made of natural wood, non-toxic ABS material, and low-voltage circuit. It keeps cool and no smell after long time lighting. It is safe for children to play.


You Need to Know:

Need to charge 10s to activate the circuit when first use

Need to recharge when battery is no power

Do not turn on the lamp while charging


You May Like to Know:

Material: ABS+PVC, natural wood

Bulb: LED

Diameter: 5.9inch

Lamp Weight: 285g

Whole Weight: 496g

Power Supply: USB 5V DC

Battery Capacity: 500 mAh

Charging Time: 2 hours

Light Color: yellow, white, warm white

Working Time: 8~20hours


What You Get in Package:

Moon Lamp *1

Micro USB Cable *1

Wood Bracket (disassembled) *4

Manual *1

  • [The true image of moon's surface]Empowered by precision 3D technology, LA Homieta Moon Lamp is delicately crafted based on NASA satellite images of the moon. The scaled-down surface gives a realistic feeling with detailed craters and mountains right in your hands.
  • [Interesting operating experience]No button operation, the moon lamp is operated by a tap. Gently tapping the lamp every time, the lamp changes colors. There are three color modes, yellow, white, warm white, to cater different moods and occasions.
  • [Nursery Lamp for children]Flicker-free and non-glare LEDs protect children's eyesight. The green ABS material is safe for children to play. It creates a suitable sleeping atmosphere for bedroom and nursery room.
  • [Innovative Night Lamp]Advanced battery-save and charge technology provide 8~20 illuminating hours with only 2-hour full charge time. USB easily charged by portable power bank and PC, the moon lamp is freely brought out for camp or belong with you anytime.
  • [Decorative Lamp for Holidays]Holding on a natural wood bracket, it is a good decoration and ambient light for your room, creating the warm and romantic space. It is also a fantastic gift for all holidays, concerts, occasions, and etc.

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