Mini Binoculars for Adults and kids High-Powered Waterproof Fogproof with Low Light Night Vision, 8×21 portable Pocket Folding – Livebetter

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Product Description
Product Features

Small and exquisite telescope, let you enjoy unlimited- Livebetter Cost-effective telescope, so that all things are in your eyes, you have to have!

Portable wide-angle, easy to operate, give you an unparalleled visual experience, high-definition wide-angle imaging, no color high-definition HD resolution green optical glass

Powerful: Watching the concert, football basketball rugby and other exciting moments, the scenery is in sight, and very clear

Strong and Sturdy:
All metal structure, very durable, the outside is a natural anti-skid rubber, feel very comfortable, a certain degree of waterproof

Portable small, Happy life
Accompanied by the world at a glance, with eyes to travel

Core Strengths:

1)Exquisite appearance, high-grade atmosphere
New lines, gorgeous exquisite design, unique anti-skid texture,high-quality anti-skid technology, outdoor easy to carry

2)High-end quality gold magnification
Using high-power design, you can see the distance farther, and to ensure clarity and stability

3)BKA4 high-definition prism
Full view, transparent and bright, no dark side, high-quality telescope iconic configuration

4)Multi-layer broadband green film objective lens and high-definition blue film eyepiece,Effectively reduce eye fatigue color is bright and good light transmittance no color difference,image clear, sharp

Product Specifications:

Caliber of object lens: 25mm
Diameter of ocular: 12mm
Material of prism: BAK4
Ocular coating: FMC
Object lens coating: FMC
Focusing system: Central Focusing
Water resistant and fog resistant: yes
Net weight of telescope: 0.55pounds
Dimension of telescope: 4.33 inch x4.53 inch x1.38 inch

Package Includes:
1 x Binoculars
1 x Neck Lanyard
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth
1 x instruction book
1 x color box

  • Exquisite appearance portable:Gorgeous exquisite design, unique non-slip texture, high-quality anti-skid technology, outdoor easy to carry, it is your ideal travel partner
  • High-end quality ultra-clarity: Portable wide-angle,easy to operate high-definition wide-angle imaging, 7-9 times magnification and 21mm objective lens No color difference High-definition HD resolution lens,Wide field of view,131m/1000m Giving you an unparalleled visual experience
  • Strong and Sturdy: all-metal construction is very durable, high-grade pure rubber leather feel comfortable,It is a perfect gift choice
  • Application:Perfect for adults,kids,concerts, theater,opera,plays,shows,travel,hiking,camping,sport events ,bird watching ,etc.--any short distance viewing.
  • Portable security to enjoy life One year warranty, accompanied by the world at a glance, with eyes to travel, so that all things are in your eyes, you worth it!

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