Meade Instruments LS 3.5 Inch Color LCD Video Monitor

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Monitor for display of LS video, still photos and menus. Includes easy to install mounting bracket, battery pack and -InchY-Inch cable for use with Meade Universal AC Adapter or other external 12v DC source. The Meade 3.5 inch LCD display monitor will enhance the use of any Meade telescope with Astronomer Inside technology by allowing the user to view the informative video presentations built into the telescope. With the display monitor connected to the telescope, you can learn the secrets and details of the objects you observe while you are viewing them. The Astronomer Inside will tell you about the planets, stars, constellations, clusters, nebulae, galaxies and more in a fun and interesting way. With the Meade 3.5 inch display, you will explorer the universe in a way you never have before.

  • Displays video, still photos and menus from the telescope camera
  • Easily mountable to telescope
  • Full color monitor
  • Package Contents: Meade LS 3.5" Color LCD Video Monitor 07700, Video cord, Battery Pack, Y Cable

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