How Old Does The Earth Really Be?

Astronomy has shown us that the earth is a great place to visit. It’s one of the first places we visit in the solar system and it has taken many years for humans to make that trek. It’s also one of the only places where we get to see the origins of the universe and the truth about it. NASA has called the earth “the only home” of all life on Earth and this is based on a photograph taken by the satellite known as the Mars Orbiter. The picture was taken in Context, which means that it was taken at a close proximity to the one situated above it.

astronomy has shown us that the earth

This piece of evidence has shown us that the earth is old and that it is older than we thought. There are some indications in this photograph that the surface of Mars was once covered with ice that is now melting. This ice can also be used to show us that there is water on Mars, which is another great find for the scientist looking for signs of water life.

Another piece of evidence that shows us that the earth is old is the crater on Mars known as Mars Chrost-3. It is the only rock formation on the planet that is tilted at a horizontal angle of about forty degrees. Many astronomers believe that the evidence that is found in this area supports the idea of a giant meteorite hitting the planet many billions of years ago and creating the crater. Evidence of other bodies on Mars and in the solar system will also add to this evidence.

Evidence of comets has also shown us that the earth is old and that it is made up mostly of old ice. A recent study by Dr. Michael Kerkorian showed that the ratio of calcium carbonate to silicate in a comet’s nucleus is greatly decreasing. This can be evidence of a planet that did not have water on it. Comet losses of water vapor and therefore ice creates a need for more water to keep the interior of the comet consistent. Evidence of comets is important to astronomers who are trying to determine the properties and makeup of our solar system and the universe.

Astronomy has also shown us that the earth is old because it contains significant amounts of uranium. Uranium is a very heavy element, and it was not created in the earth’s crust. Instead, it was built up inside the planet through the breakdown of various minerals. Evidence of this is the fact that the moon contains a large amount of uranium and other metals. Astronomy has also shown us that the earth is old because it is filled with a great variety of minerals that hold onto the age of the planet.

Astronomy has also shown us that the earth is older because of the abundance of various elements in space. Many stars contain very rich gases that scientists believe are produced from very old stars. These elements can give us an indication of how old the stars are, and therefore help us better understand the composition of the universe.