Gosky 1.25″ Moon Filter & 2x Barlow Kit for Telescope Eyepieces

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Get a quality 2X barlow lens and a moon filter at the cost of one piece.

A coated 2X barlow lens (Full black)

Double the power of your arms! If you are looking for a compact high power barlow lens, particularly if you have a fast Newtonian telescope, this is a perfect opportunity.
The 1.25″ 2x Barlow is an excellent accessory that essentially doubles the power of any 1.25″ eyepiece. 
The housing is blackened to maximize image contrast. The body is full black metal constructed and precisely CNC-machined.
The barlow lens also can be used as a T- adapter for SLR and mirrorless cameras for telescope photography(a T-ring for certain camera is required).


As a Moon filter, its cuts down on the glare and brightness to aid more comfortable viewing.
Also reduces glare from sodium (orange street light) to help cut through the light pollution for improved views (visual and photographic).
Male and female thread, so you can stack with other filters if you wish.

You will receive:
1Xbarlow lens
1X Moon&Sky-glow filter

  • Moon filter and Barlow lens both essential accessories for telescope users.
  • Moon filter helps to view the moon more clearly.
  • 2x Barlow lens to double magnification.
  • Works on Celestron, Orion , Sky-Watcher , Meade and most brands of telescope.
  • Both the barlow and the filter are precisely CNC-machined.

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