Explore Scientific Sun Catcher 70MM Telescope

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On August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar Eclipse of the son across North America, the last one was 38 years ago…..the next in 2075. To safely view this extraordinary event you will need optically correct protective products. Explore Scientific has engineered our sun catcher 50mm telescope to safely view the total solar Eclipse.

  • 100% safe for solar eclipse viewing
  • Special filter designed for direct sun viewing
  • Be apart of history - see the total solar eclipse with the sun catcher glasses
  • First solar eclipse in 99 years!
  • Dimensions: 7.25x16.75x3.75mm
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • 70mm lens diameter with 350mm focal length f/5
  • Two Eyepieces (18x, 28.8x)

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