Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Edition ES-ED127075-03

Price: $1,549.99
(as of 06/16/2021 08:43 UTC - Details)
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The Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Edition is a large 5-inch apochromatic refractor at a truly amazing price. This telescope includes a two-inch two-speed focuser, two-inch dielectric diagonal, tube rings with Vixen style dovetail. If you are looking for a big apochromatic refractor without an equally big price tag, then the Explore Scientific ED127would be a good place to start. This telescope combines excellent mechanical construction and optics. With a full five inches of unobstructed aperture, this telescope is equally at home when observing the moon, planets, double stars or deep space objects. The moderately long focal ratio of f/7.5 makes this a sizable instrument. We recommend German Equatorial mounts with a 30 pound instrument capacity as an absolute minimum platform for this telescope.

  • This Item Includes: Explore Scientific ED 127 Optical Tube Assembly - Dew Shield - 2 Diagonal - 1.25 Eyepiece Adapter - Dust Covers - Ten-to-One & Dual-Speed Focuser - Universal Adjustable Mounting Plate - Explore Scientific Warranty
  • The Explore ED APO telescope comes with a white aluminum tube with black accents
  • Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Apochromatic Triplets have true APO optic and are diffraction limited at .25PV or better.
  • Genuine ED glass from Hoya Japan is used on all ED APO Triplets at Explore, for superb quality and light throughput.
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings (EMD) are deposited on optical elements to boost contrast and eliminate light scatter; and contrast is further enhanced with the installation of matte black knife-edge baffles in the optical tube assembly.

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