Decorative Bookends Galileo Astronomy Book Ends

Price: $35.00
(as of 12/04/2021 09:34 UTC - Details)
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Product Features

Designers Classiques Bookends for styles Lovers. Antiques Vintage style Decorative Telescopes with ink bottle paper and feather pen Quill, on other Side Armillary sphere World globe. Heavy Duty made with finest quality cold cast resin. L=5″ W=3.5″ H 6″ Inches

  • Bellaa's Distinguish Amazing quality made of fine cold cast resin.
  • Vintage Style - Collectors items Limited Edition Booke holders.
  • Museum Quality Liabrary bookends for Book sefls and Study room or for Decoration.
  • Bibliophile Bookends Look no Longer for any more Book ends because you are buying BEST.
  • Decorative Bookends Great conversation piece and gift for any book collector or enthusiast.

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