Celestron 47009 Deluxe Weather Station (Black)

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All your weather information at your fingertips! The Celestron Deluxe Weather Station is a wireless, easy to set up free-standing unit with a detachable stand or wall hanger for easy install. Two wireless outdoor sensors transmit data to the receiver where the information is displayed on the LCD screen. This model has a built-in barometer that reads current weather and atmospheric pressure. Records both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity readings. Features easy to read digital time, alarm clock with snooze and calendar display. Also displays dew point, wind chill, wind speed, gust and direction, barometric pressure and rainfall measurements. Weather alert for high/low temperature and humidity, and ice alert warnings to help prevent damage to home pipes and tanks.

  • Temperature - displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C, Humidity - displays indoor and outdoor with built-in hygrometer.
  • Weather Forecast - indication of current weather along with atmospheric pressure display with built-in barometer
  • Clock - digital quartz for accurate time, Calendar - displays month, day, day of week,
  • Wind Speed and Direction - information received from supplied Anemometer, Wind Gust - average gusts and alarm function, Wind Chill - combination of temperature and wind speed and has alarm function, Ice Alert
  • Rain Measurement and History - obtained from supplied rain gauge, Alarm Clock - with snooze.

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