Binoculars, 62-8×30 Paul Professional High Definition Waterproof Military Binocular

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About Gskyer remind: 62-8×30 military binoculars of usage performance, working principle, structure, function, operation, use rules and maintenance, please refer to the professional detailed description of our offer. Basic parameters: Features: Nitrogen waterproof resolution: 7 ° operating temperature: 43 ° + 55 ° eyepiece : 0.98inch relative brightness: 18.5 exit pupil diameter: 3.75mm coating: AR blue film recent observation distance: 2m size: 6 x 2.16 x 5.1 inch objective lens : 1.2inch magnification: 8x about Gskyer military binoculars history Gskyer been determined to build the world’s top optical products military tactics binoculars 62-8*30 is 62 years stereotypes production. The introduction of Germany was the world’s most advanced optical production technology, has a long history, has been use the handmade process 62 years, save the design finalized 62years, so that once the troops had used 62-8*30,make you more of a historic miss and nostalgia, classic look, collectible, sharp image, creating a 62 telescope attracted wide telescope enthusiasts are chasing sticks, worth you have.

  • Magnification: 8x power, objective lens diameter: 30mm
  • Included accessories: Leather carry case, neck strap, shoulder harness, lens cloth, manual, warranty card
  • Includes rubberized armor textured coating, color: Black, waterproof and fog proof, fully multi coat
  • Professional compact binoculars for military activities, camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, concerts, sporting events/other outdoor adventures
  • User- friendly features, built for extreme use, our binoculars can be used for any outdoor activities such as bird watching, watching games or concerts outdoors, even stargazing.

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