Astronomy with a Home Telescope: The Top 50 Celestial Bodies to Discover in the Night Sky

(as of 11/29/2021 02:54 UTC - Details)
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To experience the greatest show on Earth, all you have to do is look up. With a simple home telescope, an astronomy novice can see the rings of Saturn, comets, asteroids, and nebulae. But even the bravest astronomy buffs know better than to explore outer space without a guide. That’s why everything you need to marvel at the stars is here in Astronomy at a Glance.

  • Exciting profiles of 50 astronomy objects in the night sky 
  • Clear directions to locate each astronomy object with a home telescope 
  • Astronomy origin stories, scientific examples, and pop culture references 
  • Expert astronomy advice on using and cleaning your telescope 
  • Complete schedule of solar and lunar eclipses 

Astronomy at a Glance is the best way to discover our distant neighbors in the cosmos.

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