Astronomy Inspired Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Astronomy inspired names can bring a lot of fun to the birthday party of a youngster. The sky is the limit when it comes to naming any child, and the sky is also the most crowded place in the world. Luckily, the skies are pretty big in our own backyard, and our home town of Austin, TX happens to be about one quarter of the size of the continental United States (by population). That means there’s plenty of local space for astronomy-inspired names!

If you’re looking for astronomy-inspired names for your little one, start with the stars. Any child named Star should already have an enthusiasm for studying space, but if she hasn’t already picked out her first star or planet, she should be encouraged to do so. There are also many planet-related baby names to choose from, with our own moon serving as the most popular option. With a little digging, your kid can uncover her personal connection to space by finding a name that sounds nice (or at least has a similarity) to a planet she sees on the night sky during an astronomy lesson.

For girls, give your little bundle of joy a name that’s meaningful to the month of September, the month of birth (lilith), or the golden elk. celestial naming ideas abound on the Internet and in books, and they include the names of all things celestial, from heavenly bodies such as the sun, moon, and planets to flowers, butterflies, and even stars. As a bonus, if you don’t find a celestial name on the Internet or in a book, ask your local pediatrician what he or she thinks would be a good fit for your new little baby. He or she may even be able to help you decide which celestial objects are best suited for your sweet angel’s bedroom.

If you’re looking for a unique baby name for your son or daughter, don’t despair. You don’t have to go with what’s traditional. Parents these days seem to be opting for celestial baby names… but it’s not what you think. Not by a long shot. Here are some unusual options for unique baby names this year:

The month of September is when everyone’s getting ready to go on vacation, and there are many ways to celebrate this special occasion. You could go with a beach theme, complete with seashells and palm trees. You could choose something more down to earth like “Aquatica,” which comes from the Greek for “water bird.” Parents also love “September” because it’s a time when they can take their family out to see all of the awesome and wonderful natural sights in the world, so if you want something more earth-friendly, “istantland” or “outdoor-adventure” would be great names for your baby boys and girls.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the stars and planets and galaxies this year, either. Why not select something a little closer to home? Why not go with ” Atom,” which is an unisex name meaning ” atom” and “number one?” If you want something that’s not so close to the stars, try “Aphrodite” or “Gemini,” which come from the Greek for “goddess and stars.”