Aomekie Kids Telescope for Adults Astronomy Beginners 70mm Refractor Telescopes with Adjustable 51inch Tripod Phone Adapter Finderscope Erect-Image Diagonal and Moon Filter

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How would you like to see the craters on the moon and planets of the solar system with great details? How about a clear, breathtaking view of the planet Jupiter? Aomekie Refractor Telescope is an amazing tool to magnify the sky, introduce and instill the love of astronomy to children early on!

The stable aluminium triop is adjustable to suit stargazing convenience. Locks in solidly, stays right in place for steady images.
Since a telescope has a narrow field of view by design, it can be challenging to LOCATE A PARTICULAR STAR or PLANET. For this reason the telescope is fitted with a low-power, wide-field miniature telescope called a finder scope.


Object in the finder scope are upside down. This is normal and is common to all astronomical telescopes.
A lower magnification should be used for the observation of the stars. This provides a wider field of view and simplifies aiming the telescope at the desired object.
The maximum magnification should be used only for particularly clear objects such as the moon, which is relatively close to the Earth and very bright, permitting good resolution of details at high magnification.
Always start viewing with your 25mm eyepiece. This is your low power eyepiece and its wide viewing field will make it easier to locate objects. Once you have located an object and the view is clear you may wish to change to the high power eyepiece.

1 x Telescope tube
1 x k25mm eyepiece (X16)
1 x k6mm eyepiece (X66)
1 x Adjustable aluminum tripod
1 x 45 degree diagonal mirror
1 x 5X24 Finderscope
1 x phone adapter
1 x Star target planisphere
1 x User manual

  • 70mm Adults Kids Telescopes: With 400mm focal length, This refractor telescope has a larger magnification and a more stable multiplier. 70mm Large aperture objective lens makes the images brighter and clearer, achieve large field of view.
  • Fully multi-coated lens offer excellent contrast and brightness of view image to protect your eyes. A fantastic telescopios astronomicos for kids adults and astronomy beginners to explore the space.5X24 finderscope with mounting bracket, erect-image diagonal make locating objects more easily.
  • Come with K6 K25 eyepiece and metal moon filter , which is the latest generation of Kellner eyepiece(K) in this astronomical telescope(K6mm/16X, K25/67X).The field of vision is bigger and brighter. The telescope itself has the function of focusing light, so when observing the high brightness full moon with the telescope, it is difficult for you to see the surface of the moon, and even cause damage to the eyes. So add a moon filter to reduce the brightness.
  • Accessories: Phone adapter make it easily to observe and share with cellphone. And the Star target planisphere helps you to know various stars. The height of aluminum tripod can be adjusted from about 15 inch to 51 inch.Assembled with castor wheel bottom of Travel Scope Telescopes that allows for many different observational positions and keep the whole tripod steady when adjusting the direction of it.
  • Package List:1 x Telescope tube,1 x k25mm eyepiece,1 x k6mm eyepiece ,1 x Adjustable aluminum tripod, 1 x 45 degree diagonal mirror,1 x 5X24 Finderscope,1 x User manual, 1 x Phone adapter, 1x Star target planisphere.It is a perfect Birthday Gifts.

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