70mm Aperture Astronomical Refractor Travel Scope W/ Moon Mirror & Finder Scope

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Features:🌑[ULTRA-CLEAR REFRACTING] – With 400 mm focal length and 70 mm aperture to capture the most clear picture.It’s Perfect for kids & astronomy beginners to explore the space.🌔[DIFFERENT SITUATIONS] – Includes 4pcs replaceable 1.25″ eyepiece:High magnification (H6mm), middle magnification (H12.5mm) and low magnification but with sharper image (H20mm & K25mm) eyepieces give you optimum magnification for any time.🌓[GLASS OPTICS] – 3X Barlow lens increase the magnification three times, with 1.5X Erecting eyepiece achieve erect images,fully coated glass optics for enhanced image brightness to protect your eyes.🌙[COST EFFECTIVE] – with Moon mirror that is the best accessory to clearly observe the moon.And 5×24 finder scope with mounting bracket and cross line, erect-image diagonal make locating objects more easily.✦[OBJECTS TO OBSERVE] – The Travel Scope features a refractor style body ideal for both terrestrial and astronomical observing. Fully coated glass optics provide vivid images of wildlife, endless landscapes, mountains,the Moon, and planets.[EASY TO OPERATION] – Easy to carry & Quick to set up,No tools are required for assembly even for the novice.[PAN HANDLE] – Alt-Az control with clutch for smooth and accurate pointing,Allowed for many different observational positions and keep the whole tripod steady with castor wheel.🌠This telescope not only suitable for kids & Student who love science to discover the mystery of universe,or Use it at sporting events, under the night sky, or on a bird watching trek Fun Specifications:Aperture: 70mmColor: Black + BlueFinder Scope: 5 x 24mmFocal Length: 400mmEyepiece Diameter: 1.25″Eyepiece Lens: H6mm H12.5mm H20mm K25mmZenith Mirrors: 45Erecting prism DiagonalTripod Height:13.8″Material:Aluminum + PVCWeight:3.41 LBs Package Included:1 x Telescope Tube1 x Finder scope1 x H6mm Eyepiece1 x H12.5mm Eyepiece1 x H20mm Eyepiece1 x K25mm Eyepiece1 x 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece1 x 3X Barlow Lens1 x Moon Mirror1 x Tripod1 x User Manual Kindly Reminder:1. Do NOT aim your telescope at the sun, or anywhere near the sun. Instant and irreversible damage can occur, including blindness2. Do NOT let children use any telescope without adult supervision at any time the sun is above the horizon

  • Brand: Segawe
  • MPN: T03-0002@#GSD2012
  • Type: Refractor Telescope
  • Features: Lens Cover
  • Aperture: 70 mm
  • Finderscope: 5 x 24mm
  • Weight: 3.41 LBs
  • Lens Coating: Fully Coated
  • Color: Black + Blue
  • Focal Length: 400mm
  • Eyepiece Diameter: 1.25"
  • Eyepiece Lens: H6mm H12.5mm H20mm K25mm
  • Zenith Mirrors: 45°Erecting prism Diagonal
  • Tripod Height: 13.8"
  • Material: Aluminum + PVC
  • UPC: 0702458230151