07_03: Neutron Stars (Astronomy)

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Some of the most amazing objects in the universe that are still things are neutron stars. Often looked at in astronomy as the thing on the way to black holes, these objects are really the wildest states that matter can take in the universe and still be matter.

Neutron Stars

Conservation of Angular Momentum




Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Nuclear pasta may offer insight into strange world of neutron stars

Nuclear Pasta in Neutron Stars

Astromaterial Science and Nuclear Pasta

The Crab Pulsar

Hubble's View of the Crab Pulsar

Space Movie Reveals Shocking Secrets of the Crab Pulsar

Vela Pulsar Jet: New Chandra Movie Features Neutron Star Action

Vela Pulsar

New Chandra Movie Features Neutron Star Action

X-ray burster

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